“Dear God, thank you for this day…”


Sometimes I wonder what God does when two groups of Christians are praying for different things.  Or, what happens when two groups are praying for the same thing, but both can’t have the same thing? It seems in both situations, those praying are asking God for what they want God to do.

Does this cause anxiety for God?

Does he use the “casting lots” system found in the New Testament?

Does he find it hard to sleep from the pressure to perform?

Does he weigh the righteousness of both parties involved and then make a decision based on who is the most obedient?

None of these options seem to fit the God found in Scripture, and thankfully so.

What if these types of prayers were altered?  What if prayer has more to do with listening than talking?  Would prayer outcomes be more recognizable if we were listening to hear what God wants to do, or for what His will is?  It’s possible that this is what is being said in Romans 8.  The text reads that the Spirit does many wonderful things for God’s children, including testifying that we are, in fact, God’s children! (8:16) A bit later it says that the Spirit helps us in our weakness.  When we don’t know what to pray for, the Spirit intercedes on our behalf.  It also says that the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will. (8:26-27)

What if a community was known as a people who listen to God? Watching to see what He is doing and then moving to be a part of it.  What could happen each day if that community expected to see something supernatural happen? What if they expected it often?  If they listened to God and prayed for what they heard, what would that community look like? What if more often they entered into prayer not knowing what to pray for instead of knowing exactly what to pray for?  Could this open them up to God’s leading in prayer and the Spirit’s intercession for them? Once they knew confidently what to pray for, would they pray with diligence until it happens?

What kind of community to we want to be?


One thought on ““Dear God, thank you for this day…”

  1. Brad Stephens says:

    One should live life with purpose, Gods purpose. Praying God’s will be done.
    “Free will”. God gives us free will to put the peices of our dreams, time, talent and treasure to use for the good of others with God’s plan in mind. God knows which prayers to answer by how prayers work for the good of those who are called to his purpose.
    Listening to here God becomes easy when you know that it’s God’s plan you are living by, and you are doing what he would have you to do.
    Give it all to God and live in the present. Look to the future in prayer with the question God what would you like me to do?
    If we all lived by the blessing of God with his purpose, I believe faith would prevail. stop.

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