Poetry from Team Fink #standagain

Bring Me The Sunset In A Cup

I awake from my nap
Everything is crystal clear
The night is awakening
It’s almost here
The sky is orange with a sparkling glow
The sun is reflecting off the pearl white snow
The sun illuminates my worry less face
Dragging my mind to a peaceful place
This is my get away from everyday work
Dusting, scrubbing, and mopping up dirt
Oh sunset
Please don’t go!
Your the only comfort I have ever known
I have only one wish
It will surely be enough
Won’t someone bring me the sunset in a cup?

Bring Me Sunshine In A Cup…

Bring happiness, bring joy
Fill me up. Bring me the sunshine in a cup!

Now is not yesterday nor tomorrow.
It is the present don’t fill it with sorrow.

Be the LIGHT. Keep shining!
Don’t create dark and keep on trying…

Now is now, now is TODAY.
Share joy and happiness in someway!!
-By: Megan Suedkamp

Bring me the SUNSET in a cup;
so I can slurp it up.
And be reminded,
of the value of each day.
So I can reflect,
get lost in the moment,
recognize my blessings,
and sleep with no regrets.

May I sleep peacefully but with vivid dreams.

Bring me the DAWN in a bowl;
simple and silent,
recognizing my opportunity
to start each day afresh.

Bring me intense AFTERNOON sun,
direct on my brow,
or perhaps rain,
dripping down my face,
as a not so subtle reminder
to take captive each and every day.

Bring me the SUNSET in a cup…..

Bring me the sunset in a cup
Orange red and pink
Something delicious for me to drink

Warmth travels down my body, unfreezing my cold heart
And a step outside, the sun is gone, it’s filling me
Was this a mistake? Did anyone see?

Or am I the sun now
Someone whom people will bow?

I sit perched atop a mountain, where I give light to all,
So that the people of the world will not fall.
-Angelina Hogan

Bring me the sunset in the cup,
next to the plate of dark night sky
With the fork full of bright stars,
and the spoon of white clouds that fly high.

Then when it becomes 11 o’clock,
I will have the memory of the sunset locked
Tucked in bed with my meal of sweet dreams,
thoughts of the bright sunset gleam
But now I remember what you told me,
Just before it was half-past three
That tomorrow is another day,
The sunset will lay as it did yesterday.

So now I do not have to be sad,
the sunset will be there just as it had
Next to the plate of dark night sky,
with the fork full of bright stars,
and the spoon of white clouds that fly high.
-Isabella Rosinski

I’m ready to leave, ready to go
Where am I headed? I do not know
I’m sick of routine, sameness, and schedule
Now out in the wild I’m going to meddle
Back behind is all I understand
Now I’m off to find new land
Life was comfortable back were I was
Yet a roof is defeated by the heavens above
I’ve packed my bags, I’m off, goodbye
I’m going to travel up mountains high
Valleys low, and woods thick
To life’s plan I cannot stick
But as I travel on I realize
I’ve left what I love far behind
The people who care, the comfort of home
I’m going back to where I’m from
That is where it’s time to go
The lonely shivers leave me cold
Back to home I go
I’ve seen the great sunset of orange
Yet I miss the taste of homemade porridge
Now it’s time to go home
-J Sadler


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