Poetry Slam: Student writing

Last week Team Fink shared original poetry in a Poetry Slam. Below is their work.

If you are interested in hearing their poetry, check out videos here.


1) Haiku

By Macie Murphy

Wind dances through trees
The Streams over flow with charm
Nature inspires me

“Transformation” By Maddie Whitehouse

I am trapped with fear
I need to break through these chains
Only then, I’m free

“Stories” by Mitch Larson

Take me back in time
To a place of history
So I’m young again

“Write your epic” by Alli Randall

People have stories
Life stories that can inspire
Write your story well

“Release” by Angelina Basso

Can life be freeing
Does it trap you in a cage
Or let you be released

2) Limerick

“Success through a kids eye” By Maddie Whitehouse

There once was a boy on a tramp
Who thought he could jump with a lamp
He threw the lamp in the sky
And hit a little fly
Then he felt like a little champ

“Easter” by Angelina Basso

There once was a darkness all over the world
It consumed us and made us unfurled
but then there was a light
No one had seen it in sight
we felt it shape the world in a swirl

“Deflated Grape” By Megan Suedkamp

There was a shriveled up green grape
Who held a rather odd bumpy shape
To be called a raisin
Would not be amazin
So instead he was thrown in a crepe

“Wacky?” by Noelle Bergstrom

There once was a girl named Jackie
Some say she was quite tacky
She would roll in a ball
And sit on a wall
Sometimes she was even called wacky

3) Acrostic

“Life” By Charleigh Gibson

L augh without fears of the future
I ntense and interesting your odyssey should be
F rustrating and devastation will come your way
E xplore yourself and express your psyche before you lay

“Epic” By Maddie

Searching through life
Taking some risks
Observing the world
Running freely
Young and dreaming

“History” by Jack Sanger

History repeats
Into the future
So how does
That play
Out for you
Your past fades and your future expands

“Be present” by Alli Randall

Look forwards not backwards
Iduldge in the present
Find the special moments today
Enjoy the memory for a lifetime

“All things are fine” by Mitch Larson

Someday the sun will shine
Turning the earth green
Over mountains in time
Revealing what’s not seen
Inching toward the line
Erasing the dreams
Showing all things are fine

“O Scream O Sunshine, O Scream” by Makayla Au

Surely it understands what I need,
Understands how to dig up the roots of a weed.
o please understand dear sunshine, o please

Never will it fill me to the brim,
Soaking me with the warmth of a hymn.
o sing to me o sunshine, o sing

Half heartily slapping me with the wind,
Inspiring me to relive all the days I have sinned.
o renew me o sunshine, o renew me

Naive it becomes as it hides behind a cloud,
Exasperation it betrays as it screams aloud.
o scream sunshine, o scream
for most of the world only sees you in their dreams

” Purpose driven life” by Lauren Stephens
What is your S tory
A beautiful sound T hat no one hears?
A story O f a thousand words
A wo R ld full of stories
The world is full of stories, but are you living Y ours?

4) Blackout

Fear not,
Light and joy,
Peace and love,
Come from the lord
-Makayla Au

Silently listen to stories
Whenever listening
We wish
To learn their
-Megan Suedkamp

Gentle quiet
But valiant
Kings and Queens
-Noelle Bergstrom

5) Sonnet

“Tongues” by Macie Murphy

I am wrapped with skin, skin that holds secrets
It is easily bruised, easily scarred
I try to heal, but I have a weakness
Peoples words are made of very sharp shards
My soul cries for help, but you don’t dare hear
You keep living, your tongue keeps on killing
I fade away, I slowly disappear
I turn to shadows, you freeze my singing
I hope human tongues could be turned a-new
Changing its evil into a stunning song
Maybe one day they’ll be after you too
Don’t be afraid because your skin is strong
And from everyone’s heart hate could be sprung
And that is all the work of the human tongues

“Comfort in the dark” By: Alli Randall

Fear steals the light from my beautiful soul
Darkness floods into my once passionate eyes
Fear chips pieces of me that makes me whole
When will I soon learn that these are all lies
Because I let fear control my own mind
I am now trapped in a dark, unlocked cage
I begin to like it here, I am blind
Here I’m comfortable beginning to age
My heart longs to see color once again
I know I wasted lifetimes in shadows
I need to leave my comfort zone but when?
Thoughts come into my mind, I become froze
I take a leap, a smile comes my face
After that leap risk is now what I chase

“Falling to My Knees” by Makayla Au

Sitting, hiding, abandoned in the dark
Thinking, contemplating, whether to stay
Nervous, afraid, scared, waiting for a spark
Waiting and falling to my knees to pray
O darkness conceal my heart and hide me
O hope disappear and never come back
O death come conquer me with the dead sea
O life go hide, returning with a whack
O joy disease into what were my dreams
O peace please swallow up my hateful pride
O hate come and sweep up my loving themes
O love wash away the peaceful loud tide
As I step up from the melting shadow
I am saying hello to tomorrow

“Sunshine” by Charleigh Gibson

You are my sunshine, that shine will spur on
You turn my world brighter when outside’s dark
When you’re gone, my smiles not set upon
Without you nowhere I will find my spark
You, give me feelings I cannot described
I keep craving you because you renew
How long have I been striving for our tribe?
Didn’t know where to find light, but sunshine knew
I am an emotional empty hole
I don’t have any fire in my eye
Within, I do not have a heart and soul
Yet, I hear a voice telling me “fly high”
You don’t have to frantic, just turn around
Sunshine is here don’t worry, you’re not Ground

“Flavors of life” by: Lauren Stephens

Our stories are a part of our expression
We long to share yet we never listen
We are caught up in our self obsession
Your story seems dull but it will glisten
Our memories are part of our story
Good or bad they will always stick with you
In our highs and lows we give God glory
Listing to stories can shape us too
In all stories there is imperfection
One comes to tell another somber news
In all this bad news there is reflection
All of my bad news who does it amuse
All of your hateful words stab like a knife
But all stories are the flavor of life

“A Good Fate” by Jackson Bolz

Fate is to be feared by some to be sure
Destiny awaits you and I alike
Fate is gentle to those with hearts of myrrh
But those who hold hearts impure, it may strike
Men conforming to evil ways beware
Those who’s morals are drained as dry as drought
Fate brings consequence to those who so dare
It silences a wicked man’s great shout
The innocent are judged oh so lightly
Such individuals are favored true
The just are strangled not at all tightly
If happiness is sought, good you must do
May great fortune follow those who are great
For wise deeds and kind acts bring a good fate

“Listen to your Heart” by Angelina Basso

Walking in a cloud of darkness full of lies
My head spinning, I don’t know where I have landed
And no one, no one seems to her my cries
But my head keeps telling me I am stranded
My mind begins to give up hope
As it lets my heart go into hiding
It’s strangled up by a rope
But my head and heart start colliding
My head says “this is the right path”
“It’s the one the world has traveled”
But my heart says “it’s the path of wrath”
The right path will be unraveled
The cloud of darkened begins to disappear
As the light begins to re appear

6) Free Verse

“Horrid Life of Luxury” by Jackson Bolz

Suffering from being one with luxury
Fortune’s claws are torturous
Terribly-trimmed are our plants and shrubbery
Such a horrid life I live
Why must one wait in coffee lines?
How could one possibly choose where he dines?
This chair is too stiff
My life holds no gifts
Such a horrid life I live
Why does YouTube have no care for me
It buffers and loads and advertises, that’s three!
Such a horrid life I live
I suffer education; I have to actually learn?
Must my mind from nothing to something turn?
What a horrid life I live…
I live the Horrid Life of Luxury

“Eyes opened” by Noelle Bergstrom

My head is cold
but my feet are hot
My phone is out of storage
But I need more
I live a rough life of disappointment
Things always let me down
I have too many options
Coke or Pepsi
Too many rooms to lose my remote
When my flight to a third world country is not direct
I die
But what I see opens my eyes
Children with ripped clothes
Mothers with children in fields
Not knowing where their food is coming from
Not knowing where to stay warm
I have lots and not give at all
They have little and give it all
My options are many
My space is a lot
First world problems
Is all I got

“The Day I Killed a Loved One” by Jack Sanger

No no no no no!
I dropped my phone
And I got a scratch on it
Live is over, now I’m just a lousy cone
The only thing that will make this better
Is if the devil blesses me with sweet relief
I’m done with everything
Like…. Cmon, why me?
What did I do? You see?
Just because of this
I’m hosting a funeral to my phone
It’s the only way to fix what I now miss
I could go to prison for dropping it
My best friend is still there today
Oh no I can’t let anyone know I gotta hide it
I’ve got to move to South America
I cannot be known as the phone killer
Yeah, yeah I will change my name
I will never own the same brand again
No one will ever know
Since I dropped my phone, I’ve gotta lay low

“Moon’s Eye” by Megan Suedkamp

I am moon’s eye, I watch the world pass by… I watch the world live, I watch the world die.

I look down and war is about, I go around sometimes I see love sprout. The love is brighter, but they choose war and war can’t cut as deep yet they let it spread wider.

Sometimes I laugh at how foolish they are.

They crave power and possession, though they are just the smallest speck from afar.

Just a body, a body with skin that can cut, flesh that will die, they spend their time believing they need to be the best, they need to be popular, though that is a lie.

I am moon’s eye I watch the world pass by…I watch the world live, I watch the world die.

Just a body, but a spirit that will glow inside, they can make a difference and leave an impact – it’s a choice you must decide.

I cross the earth look from peace to death, the peace exists we just need to learn to stop, love, take a second to take a breath.

The world is ugly, but also so beautiful, look from a new perspective, it might be amazingly different, magnificently unusual.

I am moon’s eye I watch the world pass by… I watch the world live and I watch the world die

“I Won’t Break” by Makayla Au

There is a girl everyone calls skinny,
There is a boy everyone calls fat.
There is a old man everyone calls ugly,
There is an old lady everyone calls crazy.
No one knows who they are
No one stops to ask
But if someone would, they would say
I will stand up strong
I won’t play along
Because I keep my head held high
Because I have hope on my side
You can rock my world
With hurtful words and untold lies
But I won’t break
You better see that I won’t break
No one knows the girl refuses to eat,
No one knows the boy has a serious disease.
No one knows the old man was injured fighting for our country,
No one knows the old lady has no one left in her family.
No one knows who they are
No one stops to ask
But if someone would, they would say
I will stand up strong
I won’t play along
Because I keep my head held high
Because I have hope on my side
You can rock my world
With hurtful words and and untold lies
But I won’t break
You better see that I won’t break
I won’t break
I won’t break
I won’t break
You can rock my world
With hurtful words and untold lies
But still I won’t break
You see I wasn’t meant to break

“First World Porblems” by: Lauren Stephens

My eyes come to meet the terrible news
that my phone is at 1%
I have the blues
As a tear streams down my face
my phone dies
Oh the tragedy
The pain
Ouch my brain
Now how am I going to find a lunch place without Siri?
As I head back to my mansion in my Lamborghini
My keys fall to the ground
But the ground is so far away
All I see is gray
I take a huge step out of my comfort zone
to reach down and get my keys
Oh gee I have to pick them up myself
I arrive at my mansion
but my house keeper is not here
And there is no more beer?
Oh the tragedy
The pain
I can’t have a dirty house
After a long journey I’m here
An outlet is finally near
And my phone reaches 10%
I call an organization called FWP (First World Problems)
But they were no help at all
They just Said,
“Stop it and get some help”
Then they hang up
I start to cry again
Thinking that they didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear
What has my life come to?
No house keeper when I have a speck of dust
On a desk that I never use
Or dropping my keys
Or maybe even receiving news
That I didn’t want to hear
Oh the pain
The agony
My life is ruined!

Groundhog Day by Team Fink

Today Team Fink watched the classic “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray. There were some great discussions and reflective writings as a result. See them below:

A glass is half empty, A glass is half full. Today we watched the movie Groundhogs Day and it showed me that life needs to have meaning, or else it’s pointless. The movie groundhogs day shows us we need to stop focusing on ourselves and focus on what really matters, the people around us. In the movie Phil is tested through that, and he is required to step back and stop focusing on his self. This relates to all of us because we all focus on ourselves, and we need to step back and realize that. So how do you look at it? Are you a glass half empty, or a glass half full?

Life is only well lived when others’ lives are included. We try to find fulfillment in materialistic things. When we live our daily lives, even the smallest things can be done for only ourselves. Even when we help others out, sometimes it can only be done because we appreciate the benefit they give us, and fear their rejection. A quote from Marianne Williamson says, “Ego says ‘Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.’ Spirit says, ‘Find your peace and everything will fall in place.'” The man in the movie focused so much on making himself happy, he even did it at the expense of others. With also this attempt of trying to be happy, he failed. Although I can’t recall the name of the person, I heard a quote, “Materialism clouds the vision of those with a weak mind.” I feel like before hand, Phil was not happy. He was always, conscious or not, looking for his happiness. Even though it was well hidden, he secretly needed these course of days to happen. He wanted happiness and he wanted material things. But just as materialism tried to take his life, he accidentally found happiness with who was around him’s happiness. I liked how the movie portrayed his cluelessness of his days of sorrow. He had no idea of his metaphorical death/dying. As when he said, “Well what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one, today.”

Our faith gets put to the test when we strive for anything but God. I truly believe that we are self indulgent and we only care about ourselves. That is why we are short of perfectness. We need to be part of the world but not in it.
We have different perspectives on what actions we do to others. We need to think before we act. We need to have a purpose in life. Maybe not us but I need to think lower of myself and higher of others. In the book The Alchemist we don’t need to stare at the oil but pay attention to life and our surroundings. The point of Groundhogs Day is to pay attention to others and not ourselves because we have a purpose in life. I actually like Groundhog’s Day because it is a day to think outside of my life. We try to strive for materialistic things in life that have no meaning at the end of time. It is the little things in life like the materialistic objects that keep humans striving, but God is allowing the devil to make that happen. We get caught up in life and that’s why I love this quote: “It’s the same thing every day, Clean up your room, stand up straight, pick up your feet, take it like a man, be nice to your sister, don’t mix beer and wine ever, Oh yeah, don’t drive on the railroad tracks. (By Phil Conners)” We are robots and we try to do everything right, but we always fail.

The moral of the excellent movie Groundhogs Day is so that we can realize we are all caught up in ourselves, instead of paying attention to others. Phill the human was just like Phill the groundhog. They both payed attention to their own shadow and what’s best for them, but eventually Phill found himself trapped and unsatisfied. When he came to the point when he was depressed, felt vexation, and was dead, he opened up to and focused on others. While doing this he figured out he was happier and he was no longer focusing on himself. This is what we should all do. Don’t look in that shadow, let your heart be spring, not winter. “What if there is no tomorrow, there wasn’t today.” (Quote from the movie) Live each day to the fullest and each day live with out horse blinders on. In my life I sometimes get caught up in what I’m doing or where I’m going next, but that is meager and we need to at least give a trifle of time to recognize others. “Some people look at this glass as half empty, but some see it as half full.” (Quote from the movie)  See the glass as half full and don’t look at it half empty.

We don’t like to admit it, but I think we like to just think of ourselves and not others and we should enjoy our lifes. You only have one life, we should actually love it and live it to the fullest. We like to just think of ourselves. In the movie, a guy named Bill that Phil meets said, “You know most people think of a glass half empty. I think of it as half full.” Then Bill said to Phil, “I think you of your glass half empty.” We like to just think about us and we don’t think or even try to understand other people. In this movie, Phil seems like he kind of likes his life, but he always wants more, his wants to be better. It took him a while, he tried a lot of different ways to be happy. None of them worked until he actually took the blinders off and looked around himself. He looked towards others and thought about them. Selfishness doesn’t get you anywhere. We also need to understand, what a great world we have. We should stop and enjoy life, cause it isn’t going to last forever. At the end Phil looked out the window and actually took the time to enjoy the beauty from outside. He realized how beautiful it could be.

In the beginning Phil is half empty. Once he discovers this never ending Groundhog Day at first he treats it like a joke, eating copious amounts of food and smoking. He soon turns to material things stealing money, drinking and driving, and women. We can relate this to addiction, how after going through hardship people try to console themselves with alcohol or drugs. After a while though, something happens that will change his life. He decides his glass will be half full, after seeing the struggle and pain he’s gone through he helps ease the struggle and pain of others. He becomes a local hero in Puxswatawney, saving lives and helping people daily. In the end he finds true love and once he learns to be a good person life goes on.

The movie Groundhog Day is a movie about taking and not taking things for granted. Phil wasn’t thankful that he was there for his gig. He just bulldozed along life without a care about what was around him. But after a while he figured out that that wasn’t the point of re-living the day. He moved on and tried to help people as much as he could. He was in agony of defeat when the old man died, but that lady didn’t even have a care in the world about him. She was selfish too. Everyone is selfish. The movie is trying to get the point across that maybe we are so selfish and we take things for granted, and for us. We need to realize what is around us and not take that for granted. Even his suicide showed his emptiness and selfishness, hoping that the day would stop repeating and it would all be over, but it didn’t. He needed to just let go and think of other people. But he did let go, “I don’t worry about anything anymore, that’s what makes me special.” I am selfish a lot too. Maybe I am the one who needs to let go and help other people. His behavior was condoned, but ours probably won’t be if we don’t make the right choices.

Groundhog Day was a funny yet meaningful movie. The movie is about a weatherman named Phil who is sick of life and just wants to get everything over with. On Groundhog Day he goes to Puxsutawney to do a news story about it. He soon gets caught in a loop reliving the day over and over again until he can find a way out. I like how at first when he realizes he’s in a loop he decides to do whatever he wants too and try to pick up as many chicks and break as many rules as possible, but after that he realizes that isn’t what makes him happy and starts trying to kill himself over and over again. Happiness isn’t received by earthly items, money, sex, breaking the rules and getting away with it. When he can’t get out he finally decides to do whatever he can to make it a great day and help as many people as possible. The message behind this is live every day to the fullest. Not every day has to be another meager crappy day. Phil discovered what he could do in just one day, imagine that for your entire life. We get so caught up in the loop of society represented by the ever repeating Groundhog Day. If we stopped and took time to make the most out of the life we could do amazing things. When Phil is hanging out with the drunk guys one of them says you’re one of those glass half empty people are you Phil sees that he’s been really a downer. We need to be glass half full people and treat every last day like its are last day before death. “Today is Tomorrow”.

The “things” that make the world go round may not give you the joy that you expect. Phil at first was selfish, buying cars and trying to get girls, but he realized that is not what makes him happy. He realized that that isn’t this purpose in life, even though society tells us it is. We are told that we should do all these things to get whatever we want, that rules, regulations, and not getting what you want is bad. But maybe it’s good. Maybe having boundaries is what holds our world together. If we didn’t have rules and laws, crime rates would go up. The world’s happiness goes down. Even if in this moment it seems as if not getting what you want is bad, in the long run for our entire universe it might just be a good thing. The three men in the bowling alley are like society, telling Phil, “There would be no consequences!” But it ends up with him being unhappy and suicidal. Helping all those people and the homeless man is what really made him feel enlightened and purposeful. It is hard for us to think that rules are beneficial and that riches of man are not what gives us hope and happiness, but we have to look past that and be aware of the actuality of what brings us joy and keeps us in place.